Experiments Today

As well as architectural structures and landscapes, another theme somehow always makes it into my work. Weathering and decay is always something that has interested me as an artist. Rust and whitewash leave varying effects on walls and metal which can result in interesting colours and textures to be inspired from. I live at the family homestead near Tallanstown. Our farm has been with us for about 150 years or more. Therefore, the structures surrounding our home contain various discarded metals and machinery from throughout the years. Horse shoes, cartwheels, rusted metal and weathered walls have a certain accidental beauty that can be transferred onto artwork.

The image pictured here are experiments I’ve been working on. The screen print pictured is based off discarded metals I found. I tried to add gold ink to bring out a different visual effect. It’s debatable whether it worked. Screen prints are notoriously unpredictable sometimes regarding colours, tones that come through and whether it lines up properly and the paper doesn’t move!

IMG_0592 (1)


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