British Army Uniform (Part of a pair)

2016 is a year of remembering some very painful memories in Irish history. The story we are taught in school can somewhat be perceived as the story book account of the 1916 Rising and World War 1. 2016 also marks the 100 years since the Battle of The Somme which began in July, three months after the uprising of Irish rebels in Dublin. Contrary to our modern day view of the April events of 1916, a lot of the population felt the revolution was treasonous to Britain who were in midst of a brutal war and destructive to their city.

Thousands of Irish men died in The Battle Of The Somme and many more wounded physically and mentally in the years in come. The topic of allegiances during this period is complicated for many families as some may have relatives directly involved in both the Easter Rising and the First World War. The Battle of The Somme lasted from July 1st 1916 to November 18th 1916 with a staggering amount of casualties on the German and British sides. Many Irish men listed among the dead came from the province of Ulster but also from other provinces on the island.

My piece part of a pair in similar fashion to it’s first part, signifies the dehumanising of an individual in a military uniform. Uniform can signify an ally or an enemy but in the case of Ireland’s history, the lines are certainly blurred. My soldier is dehumanised or he is dead, depending on how you wish to interpret it.

British Army Uniform




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