The Artist
Jennifer Quigley is a visual artist based in Dundalk living in Tallanstown. She received her B.A in Fine Art from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2012. She has been a member of Creative Spark Print Studio in Dundalk since February of 2015. Her work was also selected for the Impressions 2015 exhibition at GMIT as part of Galway International Arts Festival. She is took part in a residency programme at Studio 14 in Creative Spark from April 2016 to June 2016. Jennifer’s speciality is silkscreen printing. Jennifer has designed and printed her own t-shirt designs as well as fine art prints. Her work is of varying themes from architectural to personal. Jennifer’s prints are often bright, colourful and striking based on both photographs and hand drawn artwork. Her current work is highly inspired by historical content, illustrative art and personal heritage. A strong theme of identity and what makes us who we are runs through her artwork with striking and simple imagery.

Artist Statement
Landmarks and geographical locations hold a certain significance to an individual occupying or passing through. In this sense, place and identity are intrinsically linked. In my work, I take landmarks that are well known in my local area out of their geographical locations. My prints are pieces of simple graphic art which combine these simple images with bright colour. Places evoke a certain emotion within a person and landmarks may even arouse certain memories within a person whether they be positive or negative. My work is undeniably and unavoidably attached to the area my images are taken from. By taking them from their location and breaking them down, these landmarks are turned into iconography which is something that has always interested me as an artist. Simple images evoke associations and those associations are beyond my control, there is a certain fascination in that.


Mini Exhibition
Dublin Institute of Technology
February 2012
Portland Row, Dublin 1

Grad Show
Dublin Insititute of Technology
June 6th- 16th 2012
Portland Row, Dublin 1

Kasey Collective Charity Exhibition
April 2012
Front Lounge,
Parliament Street,
Dublin 2

Impressions 2015
July 10th- July 26th 2015
Centre For Creative Arts and Media
Monivea Rd, Galway City, Co. Galway

20/20 Print Exchange 2015
(As Part of Touring Exhibition)
Hot Bed Press, Salford, UK
Neo: Gallery, Bolton, UK
West Yorkshire Print Workshop, UK
The Art House, Wakefield, UK
Belfast Print Workshop, UK


Come To The Edge (as part of support exhibition)
September 2015
The Basement Gallery,
Crowe Street,
Dundalk, Co. Louth

Breathing Space
September 28th- November 5th 2016
The Basement Gallery,
Crowe Street,
Dundalk, Co.Louth


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