Experiments Today

As well as architectural structures and landscapes, another theme somehow always makes it into my work. Weathering and decay is always something that has interested me as an artist. Rust and whitewash leave varying effects on walls and metal which can result in interesting colours and textures to be inspired from. I live at the family homestead near Tallanstown. Our farm has been with us for about 150 years or more. Therefore, the structures surrounding our home contain various discarded metals and machinery from throughout the years. Horse shoes, cartwheels, rusted metal and weathered walls have a certain accidental beauty that can be transferred onto artwork.

The image pictured here are experiments I’ve been working on. The screen print pictured is based off discarded metals I found. I tried to add gold ink to bring out a different visual effect. It’s debatable whether it worked. Screen prints are notoriously unpredictable sometimes regarding colours, tones that come through and whether it lines up properly and the paper doesn’t move!

IMG_0592 (1)


Urban Landscape Theme

The urban landscape has always been a theme in my print related artwork. Architectural structures no matter how mundane or irrelevant they are to strangers sometimes contribute to how we associate a certain location. “The town hall being over there” automatically makes you think of Dundalk, the pillars, the square, the trees outside. It’s probably the most familar location in town and features in most historical photos of Dundalk.

The town hall > Pillars > Square > A familar and common snapshot of Dundalk, a common association with Dundalk as a town.

Dublin Cityscape Silkscreen 2011
Dublin Cityscape with Fence Silkscreen 2011
Courthouse Silkscreen 2015

Screen Printing With The Marist Today

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Today I facilitated a workshop with students from St. Mary’s College (a school I attended myself) We printed t shirts and images. It was a very successful day and the class was very receptive and interested in screen printing. I hope some of what they’ve learned today comes in handy in the future. Happy to try and inspire a new generation of young artists! Well done, guys!

First piece of residency


Following the centenery of the 1916 Rising, I have gained much inspiration for the information that has become readily available about these tumultuous periods in Irish history. As a Millennial Irish woman, the idea of being so passionate about your country that you will militarise is totally foreign to me. These women put themselves in great danger in order for the country to become the Republic it is today. Our realities couldn’t be more different and our struggles aren’t against a foreign influence any more but these individuals are part of our history and have informed how we identify ourselves as Irish people.

The three individuals pictured are Linda Kearns-McWhinney, Eithne Coyle and Mae Burke.The photo can be found on a few websites. The women were involved in both 1916 and the The War of Independence in the early 1920s.

The work above is a screen print in tones of green, grey and It is approximately 28 x 29 cm.